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SA Labour Dynamics is on call and will be able to assist with immediate telephonic support on any general questions in relation to Labour Relations, should we not be able to assist immediately we commit to answer / assist you within 24 hours.

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More suitably called permanent part time agreements. Should they work more than 24 hours per month, the rights afforded in terms of the LRA or BCEA would be applicable to this employee, hence all rights afforded to a full time employee may be applicable to this particular employee. Casuals are usually hourly paid ad hoc staff whom work as and when required.

Unsure about your legal standing with regards to your casual w...orkers – Please contact SALD via our website– We will gladly give you telephonic advice.

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Customer Question – F Jacobs – March 2015

When is poor performance at work really poor performance?

Poor Performance looks at whether the employee meets the required standards of the particular job.

An employer may set performance standards that an employee is required to meet. Standards must be both reasonable and relevant to the workplace. More than one performance standard may be required, depending on the job.

Any person determining whether a dismissal for poor work performance is unfair should consider –
1. whether or not the employee failed to meet a performance standard; and
2. if the employee did not meet a required performance standard whether or not –
• the employee was aware, or could reasonably have been expected to be aware, of the required performance standard;
• the employee was given a fair opportunity to meet the required performance standard; and
• dismissal was an appropriate sanction for not meeting the required performance standard.

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